Brain and I

Why am I afraid, so frail and small,
Even though I climbed so many walls,
Why I am so diffident and so dejected,
When there are so many things to be elated?
I am the storm, the blazing wind,
I am the searing thoughts within,
I am the hurricane, the lashing rain,
I am the insufferable pain.

I am the roots that hold you firm,
I am the passion that makes you burn,
I am the whip, the stinging one,
I am the colossus in the crown.

I am the master, the abject slave,
I am the curse that makes you crave,
I am light, the cavernous dark,
I am not absolute, I need your thoughts!
Think through the fog, the mist and haze,
Insulate the needless gloomy maze,
No food for thoughts, no devil’s fare,
I rule you now, don’t you dare!



Breaking free of the shackles of propriety,
I still remember when we were meant to be,
Moonlight, memories and words,
Stars, kisses and signs.
Summer’s echoes and destiny’s hand,
World weary shoes and a comfortable obscurity,
Can I just stay here and sing songs of serendipity?

(Written for the poem of the day challenge by the good folks over at Airplane Poetry Movement)

If I were a poem…

If I were a poem,
I’d be a cacophony,
Of all voices,
Which were there before me,
Resting, lying in wait,
Taking over your brain when it’s just right!

(Written for the poem of the day challenge by the good folks over at Airplane Poetry Movement)


What is fascinating about the railways in a country like India is that overnight you could end up in a place with very different characteristics. You get on a train, have the obligatory chat with your fellow passengers, perhaps have a watered down tea, or the food that magically appears in the hands of enterprising hawkers.

Its amazing how much life revolves around the railways. Each station having its peculiar characteristics, getting on a train means immersing yourself in the heaving humanity that traverses the length and breadth of India looking for jobs, visiting relatives or with no specific intent.

When you emerge from your slumber groggily rubbing your eyes, you find yourself in a different state… like in states of India. People who are going to get down, with their expectant faces, freshly washed and an eerie sense of calm. And when people get off at various stations you get a sense of things being done, decisions made, onward and onward… And at the end of the line the heaving behemoth trundles into the yard to await its next tryst with the humanity that created it.

The sun blazes, the monsoon pours down and cold winds blow, but the railways are always there, working, moving,… In my opinion, no other form of transport engages you with this rich sense of propulsion which helps the body engage in the travel, helping mind and body travel together.

The Sky and Other Musings

Walking down the beautiful road,
Of life and its sundry causalities,
Looking for some place to sleep,
For my precious belongings to keep,
Every path ends in a blank wall,
Every other road leads to a barricade…

Now i am tired of walking
Found a tree under which to do some resting,
I look to the skies for answers,
Maybe i need wings
Wings to fly and meet her in the sky….

Hello Goodbye

Suffering in silence drowning out the cacophony,
Slavish clamourings and false epiphanies,
Hunkering for absolute satisfaction,
Mendicant of graces and kind actions,
Boxed in, bonded, ready for deployment,
Crazed out, insane, mind abolishment.


Purity of thought is paramount. Setting out to do a task is like taking a breath of air for the first time, when you are just out of your mothers womb, confused with the air, missing the warm fluid universe… each aspect, each facet has to be perfect. Any anomaly, any divertion, any corruption changes the course of the product of your making. The product so made, comes out exactly as envisioned, blends with the universe, it does not seem to stand out, does not seem to jarr and block the normal energy of the present environment. It blends, becomes a part of the environment, becomes utilitarian, contributes to the well being of the people around it. You cannot hurry this process, the confluence of creative energies and the will to create have to blend, co-exist, co-habit and flow towards an end… A product so made, stands as a testament to human ingenuity, resourcefullness and respect for the course of nature that made human existence possible, a tribute to earth that nurtures, sustains, invites, excites and gently guides you with a helping hand, letting you fall when you have to, so that  you can realize your follies and learn and pass on this knowledge to the children. Remember we are but passing through this earth… Like the mother womb that nourished us, earth in all its glory is a living breathing being… We have to take what we need, what we need for our children, for the old and frail, and leave this abode with as little damage as possible… 

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